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Kuleana Health

“responsibility for one’s health and the well-being of others”

In 2021 Community First, the County of Hawaii Department of Research and Development and the University of Hawaii Hilo partnered as champions of the Kuleana Health literacy Project. Kuleana Health translates to mean “responsibility for one’s health and the well-being of others”. In the scope of this two-year project, Community First will bring together a consortium of community-based health centers and community-based organizations to collectively develop, organize, and deliver a health literacy program that targets our most adversely impacted racial and ethnic minorities, rural communities as well as socially vulnerable populations. The goals of this project include COVID-19 vaccination and public health awareness as well basic health literacy associated with primary care utilization, basic health screenings, and incorporating language and culture familiar to these populations.

For more information please contact Vanessa Carlson at or (808) 936-7427. This is a collaboration between County of Hawaiʻi’s Project Director Yoshiaki Otake, and the grant’s sub-recipient Community First.

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