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SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, October 10, 2024

2024 Hawai’i Healthcare Conference



Mahalo nui for your attendance at the Hawai`i Island Healthcare Conference on October 5, 2023. Your presence at the conference is much appreciated, and your active engagement, thoughtful questions, and contributions during the various sessions and discussions enriched the overall experience for all attendees and contributed to the sense of community that defines our gatherings.

Our hope for the conference was the creation of a collaborative foundation where healthcare and social service professionals, government officials, policymakers, and representatives from various community sectors from across our island come together to exchange ideas that result in specific goals that we work on together.  To that end, a smaller group met the following day, reviewed the recurring issues and themes identified during the conference, and committed to working together to develop a Master Plan for Community Centric Care on Hawai`i Island.

Community First Hawai`i

Photo Gallery

by TN Photography

Breakout Sessions

by Na Leo O Hawai’i

Welcome Message:

Mayor Mitch Roth, Jill Tokuda, Lani Weigert

Elevating Health Equity on Hawai’i Island:

Moderator:  John DeFries

Panel: Clayton McGhan, Dan Brinkman, Whitney Limm, Greg Christian, Richard Taaffe, Dr. Lynda Dolan

The Role of Philanthropy in Supporting Hawai’i Island Healthcare

Moderator:  Jennifer Oyer

Panel: Sulma Gandhi, Danni Leslie, Xan Avendano, Justina Acevedo-Cross


Innovative Partners in Care

Moderator:  Nicolas Los Banos

Panel: Janice Ikeda, Megan Arbles, Micah Alameda, Christina Higa, Joslyn Sato


The State of Behavioral Health on Hawai’i Island:

Moderator:  Dr. Kimo Alameda PHD

Panel: Dr. Hannah Preston-Pita PHD, Dr. Kevin Kunz MD, Dr. Claren Kealoha-Beaudet PsyD, Keli Acquaro


Health Disparities:

Moderator:  Lee-Ann Heely

Panel:  Meetu Kelen, Peter Silva, Dr. Ka’ohimanu Akiona MD


Workforce Development Initiatives on Hawai’i Island:

Moderator:  Lisa Rantz

Panel: Marshall Norman, Rayne Soriano, Janna Hoshide

A Collective Vision For Hawai’i Island Healthcare:

Moderator:  Randy Kurohara

Panel: Joy San Buenaventura, Darius Kila, Kristin Kahaloa, Tim Richards, Heather Kimball

Mahalo to our Sponsors & Partners
Mahalo for making this possible
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